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To Kill or Not to Kill?

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MegBuddy (Photo by Farmer Bee)

As I come upon the 1 year mark of raising chickens, the end of their egg laying coming nearer each day, I have been trying to shift my perception of them as pets to livestock and ultimately food.

This has been pretty difficult for me and I find myself making excuses as to why I can't eat "these chickens". "I've grown attached to them" being the most earnest excuse I can muster, but in addition to that, I've blathered on at times about how it's not exactly cost effective to slaughter a flock of four hens and how, if I could do it differently, I would have gotten all of the same breed so as to avoid anthropomorphizing them. This, in my mind, would have helped to make it easier for me to murder my pets.

On Bee-ing There for Them.

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bee-stinger-724392.jpg (photo courtesy of Healthline.com)

As a beekeeper, stings tend to come fairly often. One tries to handle the bees as carefully and gently as one can, but even the most precise handling can sometimes result in a sting. This weekend I got a particularly bad one and it got me thinking about the nature of bees and of being a beekeeper.

F*ck You! I'm a Gardener.

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Radishes Let me start by saying I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.  Three years ago I thought it might be nice to have a few basil plants on my balcony. Fast forward to two months ago, where I found myself carrying 300 lbs of dirt up 6 flights of stairs to fill a 8'×3' raised garden bed. Yeah, I have an obsessive personality. My name is Ryan, nice to meet you.

My outdoor space is a 20'×10' rooftop style balcony in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint.  I got lucky when I found the place, although I might not have realized it at the time.  My rent is reasonable and although my actual apartment is just a small studio, the outdoor space increases the size of the apartment by almost 50%. In the summertime is like having an entire other room. Now that you have an idea what my living situation is (Oh, I'm single. What's up ladies?), let's talk about growing shit.

Going Vertical

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photo (27).jpg

I am part of a fortunate minority with a backyard in Brooklyn yet I still wanted to explore options that would help me to further utilize unused space in my yard. I got an email from Instructables.com with a simple way to convert a shoe caddy into a hanging wall garden. I thought it was brilliant and also inexpensive so I had no hesitation over giving it a go. You should too! This is a great solution for those with minimal space. If you simply have a wall outside that gets 8 hours of sunlight, this will work for you.

potatoes.jpg (Photo courtesy of CNYCentral.com)

One of the crops I have not had much success with in my 8 years of gardening is Potatoes. My previous attempts have admittedly been sort of half-assed, but truthfully, they are one of the easier crops to grow. They don't need great soil or much doting on and you get a sizable harvest.

I decided this spring that I'd give potatoes another try. God knows I eat enough of them. It would be nice to enjoy some from my backyard. The only issue is that I did not want to devote space in my raised beds to a crop that takes up so much. I looked around for other options and discovered that it is quite easy to grow potatoes in trash bags! We have extra space along the side of our house so this sounded ideal. We could situate the bags on top of the pavement and the plants would still thrive.

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